C Extensions

The C Extensions I build are designed to highlight the lines of the scroll, not to compete with it with lots of heavy shiny bling. 

My preference is for a simple ebony or dark hardwood stick, with black hardware. I never cut into a scroll, and rarely if ever use screws to attach the extension, preferring to use string tension only to keep everything in place.

My current lever design incorporates separate adjusting nuts for height and for tension, which allows for simple fine adjustment by the user to cope with different string diameters and tensions.

The simplest extension is a stick and one lever for the E. Other levers can be added as needed.

Simple all-black drilled extension

Simple drilled extension in Vouacapoua wood, ebony, and black hardware.

Non-drilled extension with three rollers, threading onto E tuner.

Decorative non-drilled 2 roller extension threading onto E tuner.

Simple drilled C Extension with one latch. Predrilled for other latches to be added later.

Unique curly decoration on this ebony C extension.

Strong full ebony C extension for this Hawkes Panormo scroll. Latches are in acetal to eliminate changes in tension due to climate.

Front view of a full extension.

Robust extension for Hawkes Panormo threading onto E tuner

Drilled extension in Vouacapoua wood, ebony, and black hardware with complete set of levers.

Ebony Non-drilled Extension with two levers, threaded onto E tuner.

In addition to building new extensions, I also clean and service existing extensions, including those using the popular basscapo hardware.

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