Modena "Double Take" antiqued hybrid $4850

This violin-cornered model is available exclusively from Bresque Basses. It features a carved spruce top and high quality veneered laminate back and sides and ebony fittings. 

These basses are well made, have a larger upper bout than the Gamba model, and sound equally great.

BOUTS: Upper: 550, Middle: 385, Lower: 670
RIBS: 160 at heel, 200 at endblock
MENSURE: 1050mm
BACK: 1130mm

Double Take?

Double Take basses are simply a good hybrid model which has been carefully antiqued by hand and refinished in our workshop to give them the mojo of an instrument 100 years older ...

The one shown in the pictures is indicative only, as every one is of course slightly different in the degree of mojo and character.

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