Setup and Repair


Setup is the process of getting the best in performance out of your instrument. 

Your setup checklist: 

  • The neck should feel even and pleasant in your hand.
  • The fingerboard should be silky smooth so that each note rings clear with no buzzing. 
  • The strings should be easy to press to the fingerboard.
  • Your tuners should be smooth to turn and hold their pitch.
  • The bridge should be clean, upright and look nice.
  • Your bridge adjusters should be easy to turn, even under tension.
  • The soundpost should be in the correct position and fit.
  • You should be able to bow each string clearly and evenly.
  • The instrument should be clean of rosin and grime.
  • It should NEVER be difficult to play

If you find yourself struggling, or your bass just feels or sounds ... meh ... you probably need to bring your bass in for a checkup.
​I won't charge you for that. 

But I will listen to what you want, and I'll tell you what I can do for you, and how much it will cost.

Repair ... and TLC

Ah Double Basses ... don't we love these big, cumbersome beauties!  But they have a hard life, and need looking after ... thats where I come in, 

  • broken corners and edges
  • popped seams 
  • body cracks
  • pegbox cracks
  • warped or broken necks
  • broken endpin, screw, blunt spike, stopper
  • pitted or loose fingerboard
  • buzzes and rattles
  • heavy rosin buildup
  • ugly scratches and dirt

All in a day's work, and usually straightforward to fix.

When you first bring your bass in for repair I will examine it with you, and note your concerns and anything I can find that may need my attention. After you have left, I will go over the instrument with a fine toothed comb and document all issues with photos where appropriate. I will email you a prioritised estimate of the repair cost and any options based on my observations.

You choose which work you want me to do, and I keep you updated of progress.

Sounds OK? Contact me to organise an appointment.

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