Sydney's award-winning specialist Double Bass luthier, Matthew Tucker.  

I have been working with double basses in Sydney for over 20 years; I specialise in double bass setups, repairs and restorations, sell old and new instruments, some strings, parts and accessories, and make new instruments on commission. My hand-made basses have won several international tone awards. I approach my job with a great respect for tradition, but I am not shy of innovation in the right context. I use very careful and considered methods in all my work and take great pains to explain to my clients exactly what I am doing and why. 

The Workshop

This is a place of problem-solving, creation, invention, music and meditation. But mostly, problem solving, and finding practical solutions for my "patients". It is a lovely light-filled room packed with tools, jigs, instruments, parts, wood and all manner of pigments, varnishes and a few indoor greens. I share the workshop with talented luthiers Dave Ellis and Martin Stanley, and my own staff, and there are plenty of benches to allow this.

More pictures on the Activity page!.

The Back Room

You are welcome to come and spend time in the back room, try the instruments, practice your pieces, let us listen you your music ... or just hang in a comfy chair while we work on your bass, and listen to our music while you read some of our many double bass magazines and books. 

I have a Nespresso machine, tea and such. And if you like biscuits, you may be in luck, because so do we, and we love to share! 

My Handmade Basses

As well as caring for my clients' precious instruments, I make beautiful and unique basses from scratch, using many rare and fine Australian tonewoods. No two are the same. Here are some of my most recent ones, the rest are here.  Talk to me about designing and making one especially for you.

This instrument is currently played by a member of the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra

This instrument is played by a Sydney-based soloist and classical musician

"Experience, Tradition, Innovation, Skill, Attention to Detail"

The Neighbourhood ...

Marrickville industrial area is a colourful and vibrant part of the city right under the flightpath!  Our workshop nestles between noodle makers, coffee roasters, a paper manufacturer, a uniform factory, packaging and fasteners, crossfit gym, music studios and set designers. Oh and craft breweries. A bunch of them!

For some reason, our building is painted with weird street art showing a psychedelic Koala having a bad dream about snakes ... the street might feel a bit edgy, but its quite safe!   

Have a look around!

Getting here ...

You are welcome to visit, but please always first let me know you are coming, as I sometimes go out, or am gluing ... and cannot be interrupted.

Parking can be tight, but if there's room outside our door, park there on the pavement.

We are only 6 minutes easy walk from Sydenham Railway Station. Heaps of trains stop there.

Closest bus is the 425 Dulwich Hill to Tempe. Next closest are the M30, 426 or 423 buses from the city, again only 5 mins walk away.

We are about 12 minutes drive from Sydney Airport; a Uber costs about $15 if not in peak period.

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