"Castagne" Special Edition is a unique double bass, and is Matthew's entry in the ISB makers showcase for 2021. Modelled on Matthew's previous "Castagna" bass, this instrument features spectacular figured walnut ribs and back, engleman spruce top, ebony trim and two-piece tassie blackwood neck and scroll.

With a comfortable 40.25" string length, this instrument has a wide 3/4 size body with deep ribs. Access to the upper reaches of the extended fingerboard is made easy with sloping shoulders and a generous 40mm overstand. As with all Matthews basses, the neck is bolt-on, allowing safer travel options.

Special features include the "Lamario" style bifurcated bass bar, the Tucker responsive bracing system,  a "grecian meander" decorative overlay in the lower bouts, and the "audiovisual port" with magnetic stowage on the bass side shoulder.
The bass ... is sold :-)

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