This unique bass is made from figured blackwood and sitka spruce. The long. elegantly carved scroll is grafted maple. The C extension is ebony and is not drilled through the scroll. The bass shape is derived from the 2009 cornerless model, with enlarged upper bouts, and features a "Tucker" braced flatback and removable neck.

The bass has a mature and distinctive voice and a very manageable 41" string length.

Brochure ...

Stylised leaf pattern.

Tuners made by Martyn Bailey in England.

Pattern derived from the 2015 model, but a wider upper bout for more orchestral volume.

Stunning Tasmanian Blackwood as usual

Short string length and manageable body shape.

Scroll detail, going over the top ...

The volute

Slender three-wheel extension is not drilled into the scroll, and feeds onto the E tuner. 

Removable neck bolt hidden with a magnetic cap.

Unique internal "Responsive" bracing stops cracks and improves response.

Caroline Renn @caro.mk5

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