2019 Gamba Hybrid model $3850 (also available in fully laminated, $3100)

This is an attractive carved-top model for the jazzer or student who needs a robust bass with gently sloping shoulders for access to the upper registers ...  and no knocked-off corners! This model, also known by the Kreisler brand, is well built, sounds great, and is a favourite with discerning schools and teachers.

Images are indicative only as stock changes regularly.

BOUTS: Upper: 510, Middle: 385, Lower: 660
RIBS: 155 at heel, 200 at endblock
MENSURE: 1050mm
BACK: 1130mm

Other sizes?

This model is also available in 1/2, 1/4 and 1/8 sizes subject to availability.

Also available in a laminated model, slightly cheaper.

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