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The Strad Magazine sells compilations of its Luthier Articles from time to time. These are a vary valuable resource that I use often but there is no searchable index that i can find, so i made one. Use Ctl-F to search.
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TS1-8               MAKING A MOULD, by John Dilworth

TS1-10             CONSTRUCTING A BRESCIAN VIOLA, byBenjamin Ruth

TS1-13             VIOL MAKING WITHOUT A MOULD, by ShemMackey

TS1-16             MAKING RIBS, by Neil Ertz

TS1-19             MAKING THE RIBS FOR A CORNERLESSVIOLA, by Helen Michetschlager

TS1-22             USING PLANES IN ARCHING ANDHOLLOWING, by Kai-Thomas Roth

TS1-25             MAKING ACCURATE ARCHING TEMPLATES,by Raymond Schryer

TS1-28             MAKING A STEAM-BENT VIOLA FRONT, by Helen Michetschlager

TS1-32             POSITIONING AND CUTTING F-HOLES, by Andrew Ryan

TS1-34             CUTTING AN F-HOLE, by Hans Pluhar

TS1-37             GLUING IN C-BOUT RIBS, by WilliamScott

TS1-40             CONTROLLING THE C-RIB CORNER SHAPE,by Peter Goodfellow

TS1-42             ARCHING TECHNIQUE, by TorbjarnZethelius

TS1-45             ARCHING TECHNIQUES, by Juliet Barker

TS1-48             GRADING A CELLO TABLE, by Kai-ThomasRoth

TS1-51             MAKING A VIOL SOUNDBOARD, by ShemMackey

TS1-54             MAKING THE 'BREAK' IN A DOUBLE BASS,by Kai-Thomas Roth

TS1-57             INSTALLING A BASS-BAR, by JosephCurtin

TS1-60             MAKING A BAROQUE BRIDGE, by RogerRose

TS1-64             CARVING A SCROLL, by Hans Pluhar

TS1-67             CARVING A SCROLL, by Jan Spidlen

TS1-70             FITTING AND CUTTING A NECK, by Hans Pluhar

TS1-73             FITTING A BAROQUE VIOLIN NECK, by Shem Mackey

TS1-76             FITTING A DOUBLE BASS NECK, by Stefan Krattenmacher

TS1-79             REINFORCING A NECK WITH CARBON FIBRE, by Guy Harrison

TS1-82             STABILISING CELLO NECKS, by David Burgess

TS1-85             MAKING A BAROQUE FINGERBOARD, by Shem Mackey

TS1-88             SHAPING A CELLO FINGERBOARD, by Peter Goodfellow

TS1-91             FITTING TUNING PEGS, by Andrew Finnigan

TS1-96             HOW TO MAKE PURFLING, by Kai-Thomas Roth

TS1-99             HOW TO INLAY PURFLING, by Kai-Thomas Roth

TS1-102           MAKINGAN EDGE, by Jan Spidlen

TS1-105           MAKINGAN EDGE II, by Jan Spidlen

TS1-108           FITTINGAND GLUING C-BOUT PURFLING, by John Gosling

TS1-111           MAPLEEDGING, by Raymond Schryer

TS1-114           RECREATINGBAROQUE PURFLING, by Andreas Jacobi

TS1-118           GRINDINGPIGMENTS, by John Dilworth

TS1-121           PREPARINGTHE GROUND, by Gregg Alf

TS1-124           HOWTO MAKE VARNISH, by Adele Beardsmore

TS1-127           HOWTO APPLY VARNISH, by William Scott


TS1-134           CLOSINGCRACKS ON THE TOP OR BACK, by Wendy Moes

TS1-137           PATCHFITTING, by Joseph Grubaugh and Sigrun Seifert

TS1-140           ARCHINGCORRECTION, by John Milnes

TS1-143           HOWTO USE UV LIGHT IN RESTORATION, by Mark Robinson

TS1-147           FIXINGCRACKS ON A DOUBLE BASS BACK, by James Ham

TS1-150           HOWTO REPAIR PEGBOX CRACKS, by Florian Leonhard

TS2-4               Collected articles by Gregg Alf, James Ham, Adele Beardsmore, Shem Mackey, Kai-Thomas Roth,Matthew Wehling

TS2-8               Making a thickness map by Hans Pluhar

TS2-11             Installing a violin bass-bar  by FengJiang

TS2-14             Cutting a double bass f-hole by Stefan Krattenmacher

TS2-17             A historically informed system of plate shaping by Jeremie Legrand

TS2-20             Lashing ribs to blocks by Francis Kuttner

TS2-23             Cutting wood in the right direction by Nicolas Gilles

TS2-28             Setting a neck by Howard Needham

TS2-31             Peghole placement by William Scott

TS2-34             Carving an asymmetrical viola scroll by David Rivinus

TS2-37             Shaping necks using a mortise rig by Raymond Schryer

TS2-40             Carving a scroll using angular templates  by Torbjorn Zethelius

TS2-43             Making pegs  by Eric Meyer

TS2-46             A speedy tuning system for basses by Mario Lamarre

TS2-50             Brescian type purfling 1  by Helen Michetschlager

TS2-53             Brescian type purfling 2  by Helen Michetschlager

TS2-56             Inserting a decorative rose in aviol soundboard  by Shem Mackey

TS2-60             Making madder-root lakes  by David Rivinus

TS2-63             Antiquing  by Gregg Alf

TS2-66             Making plaster casts using vacuum bagging  by Andrea Ortona

TS2-69             Reinforcing a crack under the bass-bar of a double bass  by James Ham

TS2-72             Correcting arching using a vacuum by Christian Schabbon

TS2-76             Using a CNC router for violin making by Michael Molnar

TS2-79             Modifying woodworking planes  by James Ham

TS2-82             Making a universal cam-action work cradle  by Guy Rabut

TS2-85             Working efficiently with hot glue by David Burgess

TS2-90             Making a Baroque ivory frog  by Roger Rose

TS2-93             Making a Baroque bow  by Roger Rose

TS2-96             Packaging bows for transportation by Benoit Rolland

TS2-99             Winding a bow grip from silver and silk  by Matthew Wehling

TS2-102           Inserting a microlens into a bow  by Matthew Wehling

TS2-105           Repairing a bow  by Giovanni Lucchi

TS2-108           Restoring bow frogs  by Giovanni Lucchi

TS2-111           Centringa bow's button hole Matthew Wehling

TS2-114           Reattaching bow buttons  by Matthew Wehling

TS3-4               Using a skeleton mould  by Andrew Carruthers

TS3-7               Using a ghost mould  by Maurizio Tadioli

TS3-6               Making Cremonese comer templates by Torbyom Zethelius

TS3-10             Clamping a cello back and top joint by Francis Kuttner

TS3-13             Casting a soundhole  by Shem Mackey 

TS3-19             Clamping a violin f-hole crack by Sharon Que

TS3-22             Reducing the length of a viola rib structure  by Marcus Klimke

TS3-26             Fitting a new fingerboard to an old violin  by Andrew Ryan

TS3-29             Drawing a scroll on a computer  by Kevin Kelly

TS3-32             Setting a Baroque neck  by Mathijs Heyligers

TS3-35             Bending a violin neck  by Jan Pidlen

TS3-38             Viola neck shaping  by Helen Michetschlager

TS3-41             Making  a top nut  by Andrew Finnigan

TS3-44             Neck fitting  by Helen Michetschlager

TS3-47             Making a viola da gamba scroll by Hubert de Launay

TS3-50             Digitising the violin fingerboard  by Joseph Curtin, Alex Sobolev

TS3-54             Notes on edgework and purfling by Ulrich Hinsberger

TS3-57             Making purfling  by John Dilworth

TS3-62             Making traditional lake pigments —part one  by Eero Haahti

TS3-65             Making traditional lake pigments —part two by Eero Haahti

TS3-68            Antiquing — part one  by Jeff Phillips,Antoine Nedelec

TS3-71             Antiquing — part two  by Jeff Phillips,Antoine Nedelec

TS3-76             Making a Baroque bow  by Philip Brown

TS3-79             Removing a broken screw shaft  by Eric Lane

TS3-82             Drilling out a broken brass eyelet by Matt Wehling

TS3-86             Marking the set-up  by Joseph Curtin

TS3-89             Installing adjusters for a doublebass bridge  by Mario Lamarre

TS3-92             Making a low-C extension for a double bass  by David Briggs

TS3-96             Making a profiler  by Nicolas Gilles

TS3-99             Making a rehairable brush  by Guy Rabut

TS3-102           Treatmentof woodworm damage using wood filler  by John Gosling

TS3-105           Usingglass beads to measure wood density & interior air volume by  Douglas Cox

TS3-108           Makingand sharpening card scrapers  by Michael Kiiberling

TS3-111           Replacingmissing ivory in a violin chamfer  by Janet Starck-Toon

TS3-114           Spiral bushings for peghole repair  by Dan Weisshaar

TS4-4               Harvesting pine resin for varnish by Nicolas Gilles

TS4-6               Annual wood jointing session  by Feng Jiang

TS4-9               Pre-bushing a cello endpin hole by Michael Doran

TS4-12             Laying out the corners  by ChristopherJacoby

TS4-15             Marking out measurements Torbjorn by Zethelius 

TS4-18             Using a 'double-cross' violin mould by Carsten Hoffmann

TS4-21             Making a cello mould  by Sebastian Zens

TS4-24             Clamping a centre joint by George Yu

TS4-27             Installing a carbon-fibre reinforcement to a cello neck  by Raymond Schryer

TS4-31             Decorating a viol soundhole  by Shem Mackey

TS4-34             Laying out f-holes  by Torbjorn Zethelius

TS4-38             Adapting a workspace for vamishing by Joseph Curtin

TS4-41             Making lake pigments for varnish by Paul Belin

TS4-47             A personal approach to varnishing by Hans Johannsson

TS4-50             Blackening the chamfers  by Davide Sora

TS4-54             Gluing cracks  by Christian Schabbon

TS4-57             Maintaining a good gluing surface by Sharon Que

TS4-60             Repairing divots in bass and celloplate edges  by Arnold Schnitzer and Keiren O'hara

TS4-63             Peg restoration  by Jenelle Steele Eric Lane

TS4-66             Cello rib doubling  by Andrew Carruthers

TS4-69             The 'pastry bag' approach to making plaster casts by Francesco Piasentini

TS4-72             Making plaster casts for restorations  by Jan Spidlen and Vaclav Pikrt

TS4-76             A different approach to the bass-bar by Christian Bayon

TS4-79             Colouring boxwood pegs  by Collin Gallahue

TS4-82             Making and fitting Baroque bridges and tailpieces by Mathijs A. Heyligers

TS4-86             Making a bridge knife  by Guy Cole

TS4-89             Clamping a fingerboard securely  by Guy Rabut 

TS4-93             Tools for perfectly squared edges by Davide Sora

TS4-96             A shop-made hand plane for fingerboards David Finck

TS4-100           Making a drill bit for a Parisian eye  by Matt Wehling

TS4-103           Making a bow button  by Bernd Etzler

TS4-107           Repairing a bow head  by Steve Beckley 

TS4-110           Removing a broken screw embedded in a bow stick by Eric Lane

TS4-113           Thumb projection crack removal  by Jenelle Steele

TS4-116           Building an ebony stop into a bow frog  by Matt Wehling  

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