New neck for my 2015 model.

This bass won a silver tone medal at the 2015 ISB Convention.

Fleur de de de de de de lys pattern ...

The bass has a high C string, so the extra tuner is on the "high" side.

Pattern derived from the Rogeri cornerless bass ... with added corners!

Stunning blackwood back

Sitka spruce table

Wonderful figure in the wood.

3/4 view. Beautiful french style tuners from Rubner.

FFs derived from a Rogeri pattern. Note how the nicks point upwards towards the middle, not downwards!

38mm overstand means easy access in thumb position.

E string tuner is set higher in the french style.

Long, elegant scroll on a smallish bass.

Slender two-piece maple neck and scroll.

Corner detail. 

Michael Currie with his beautiful Tucker five string!

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