Bresque Basses

2013 Tucker #3 "Lott" model (SOLD)

This very large deep-ribbed flatback bass was modelled on a John Lott pattern.

The back and sides are made from recycled Silky Oak shelving, over 100 years old, recovered from an old codger's mechanical workshop.

The top is made from very close-grained Western Red Cedar. Purfling has a Huon Pine centre strip. Trim at all blocks, nut and saddle is made from African Wenge.

The back of the scroll is decorated with an intricate carving of the common fishtail fern.

This bass was awarded a Certificate for Tone at the 2013 ISB Maker's Competition.

Wenge nut

This bass was awarded a Certificate for Double Bass Tone at the 2011 ISB Convention makers competition.

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